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              Automatic cartoning machine

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              DZH-120D 全自動貼膏/面膜裝盒機
              DZH-120D Series Facial Mask Cartoning Machine
              With improved and most advanced technologies, DZ-120D is one of our new products designed for auto-cartoning for medicine, foodstuff, cosmetics, consumer goods, etc. This product is equipped with intelligent functions such as auto-counting, carton folding, product feeding and sealing and accessories customizable
              Main technical parameter
              Bagging 1-10袋/min (Base on carton size)
              Encasing speed 20-50(boxes/min)
              Box Quality requirement 250-350g/m2(Base on carton size)
              Dimension range (LX W X H) (80-220) X (80-180) X (15-60)mm
              Compressed air Working pressure ≥0.6Mpa
              Air consumption 200-240L/min
              Power supply 380V 50Hz
              Motor power 1.5 kw
              Machine dimension 4600 X 1200 X 1750mm
              Machine weight 約1500kg

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