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              Automatic transparent film packaging machine uses and features
              Hits:4357         Date:2019/1/15
              Fully automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is widely used in test paper, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other three-dimensional plastic packaging outside the box (packaging effect is the same as cigarettes).
              1. The film packaging is moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof and anti-counterfeiting.
              2. The shortening of the packaging machine by specific heat greatly improves the packaging yield and decoration effect, enhances the market competitiveness of the packaged goods, can greatly increase the sales volume, and increase the added value of the goods.
              3. The specific heat shortens the packaging machine to save more than 80%. In the next year, the electricity cost can be purchased to purchase a semi-automatic transparent film packaging machine.
              4. The price is low, as long as it is less than one-third of the fully automatic transparent film packaging machine.
              5. Safe operation, high reliability, no need to protect.
              6. Adaptability, flaw detection supplies can complete dozens of standard box packaging. The mold price is low, the replacement is simple and convenient.
              7. The whole machine is compact in structure, small in space, light in weight, and the packaging site is not limited.

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