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              Automatic cartoning machine classification and classification instructions
              Hits:5665         Date:2017/11/25

              According to the box into the form: vertical cartoning machine, horizontal cartoning machine;
              According to technical points: gap type cartoning machine, continuous cartoning machine;
              According to the degree of automation: semi-automatic cartoning machine, automatic cartoning machine;
              According to the speed points: less than 80 boxes / minute for "low speed cartoning machine", 80-150 cartons / minute for "medium speed cartoner", 150 cartons / minute for "high speed cartoner"
              According to the form of sealed boxes points: Spray cartoning machine, cartoning box machine, the last boxing machine;
              According to the use of industry points: medicine cartoning machines, food cartoning machines, cartoning machines, cosmetics cartoning machine;

              Category Description
              The difference between vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine lies in that the carton is placed in the form of product loading, and the mechanical equipment standing on the carton is called the vertical cartoning machine, which is mainly used in powder, granular and liquid materials Box, and usually with weighing, measuring function. Cartons lying on the loading of the machine equipment called horizontal cartoning machine, the main use in bags, blocks of material boxing. Usually we are talking about automatic cartoning machine refers to the horizontal cartoning machine.
              Intermittent cartoning machine and continuous cartoning machine division is relatively simple, intermittent cartoning machine stop for a boxing cycle. Continuous cartoning machine is continuous, continuous carton packaging machinery and equipment, this cartoning machine much faster than the intermittent cartoning machine, the maximum speed is usually above 150, it is also known as high-speed cartoning machine.
              Semi-automatic cartoning machine, automatic cartoning machine distinguish whether it is necessary to manually put the material, automatic cartoning machine discharge is achieved by the machine, so in the packaging production line in the cartoning machine belongs to a fully automatic cartoning machine .

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